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The Barbie movie, released in 2023, is special in many ways, like it is funny as well as adventurous. This is the world’s first movie based on Barbie dolls in which the character of Barbie has been played by a living person, otherwise till now only animated Barbie movies have been made on Barbie. This movie is full of imagination in which Barbie lives in a world of imagination. Where life is very happy and full of charm.  In this article we will try to show you the magical world of Barbie , its characters, and the lessons learned from the story.

The Plot

In this story, it is shown that Barbie dolls have their own imaginary world,” Barbieland”, where many Barbies live together. The society here is a matriarchal society i.e. where women dominate. Her world is made up of Barbies, Kens, and many discontinued Barbie models. In this world, Barbie people hold many big positions like politicians, lawyers, doctors etc. The same Kens (men of Barbieland) spend all their time playing on the beach and consider it their profession.

Here we talk about the main character of Barbie, one night while having a dance party, she suddenly notices some changes in herself due to which she starts worrying about her death. Problems like bad breath, cellulite, and flat feet arise overnight due to which her daily routine also gets spoiled. When Barbie shares her problem with another Weird Barbie, it is revealed that in real life, the child whose doll this Barbie is, is now bored with this Barbie, so she will have to find that child, only then this problem will be solved. Because Ken liked Barbie, he also goes with Barbie to the real world.


In the real world, while Barbie and Ken are walking on Venice Beach, a man flirts with her, so Barbie punches him, leading to Barbie and Ken being arrested by the police. They also inform the Mattel company that Barbie has come to the real world. After being released from the police, Barbie finds her real owner “Sasha”, who criticizes her for promoting unattainable beauty standards. Here, Ken was trying to understand this world, he found that this world is run by men, that is, the society here is male dominated, then for the first time he starts getting jealous of Barbie and then people from the Mattel company come and take Barbie with them. Although Ken is watching all this from a distance, he does not try to save Barbie.

Barbie is devastated to learn that Gloria, a Mattel worker and Sasha’s mother, unintentionally sparked her existential crisis when Gloria started playing with Sasha’s old Barbie toys in a similar way. Barbie is supposed to be placed in a toy box for remanufacturing by Mattel. But Gloria and Sasha help her escape, and the three of them head to Barbie Land as Mattel executives pursue them.

ever since Ken came to know about the patriarchal system in the real world, he felt very respected. When he returns to Barbieland, he convinces the other Kens to take charge, and the Barbies are trained to act as obedient girlfriends, housewives, and servants. Barbie shows up and makes an unsuccessful attempt to persuade Ken and the other Barbies to go back to the previous state of affairs.

The Thriller

When Gloria delivers an uplifting speech about society’s conflicting expectations of women, Barbie’s depression is lifted. With the help of Barbie, Alan (the only man in Barbie Land who didn’t like Ken). Sasha, Weird Barbie, and the discontinued Dolls, Gloria convinces the Barbies to free themselves from subjugation. The Barbies again regain control over Barbieland  by tricking the Kens into fighting each other. The Barbies decide to correct the mistakes of their previous civilization, stressing better treatment of the Kens. And all outcasts after experiencing systemic oppression for themselves.

Realizing their mistakes, Barbie and Ken apologize to each other. But Barbie was still worried about her identity. Then”Ruth Handler ”, founder of Barbie Dolls and co-founder of Mattel, comes to Barbieland and explains that there is no definitive end to Barbie’s movies story. If she wants, she can go and live in the real world also. At the end of the story Barbie goes away with Gloria and Sasha to live in the real world and better themselves.

Characters and Voice Acting

In this film, all the characters have been shown well, due to which the story is understood in a much better way. If we talk about acting as well as voice. Then it is very clear which brings depth to the character and makes the audience feel connected to the story.

Animation and Visuals

Excellent animation may be found in this Barbie movie. The vibrant and charming images produce a visually spectacular experience that holds the audience’s interest throughout. The magical realm pays close attention to detail, just as their way of life. Both children and adults will enjoy the visual feast.

Musical Score and Songs

The music in this movie is catchy and upbeat, adding emotional depth to key moments in the film. The soundtrack adds to the overall charm of the Barbie movies and will definitely leave the audience humming along.

Author reviews:

This Barbie movie is very entertaining, heartwarming and visually stunning. The plot is engaging and carries an essential message about following one’s dreams and staying true to oneself. Barbie’s journey from a confined palace life to the enchanting world is beautifully portrayed, offering a sense of adventure and empowerment. Although the movie is quite good, it has both fun and serious parts. But still many people will like the movie and some people will find it normal. So if you want to know my suggestion then definitely watch this film once.

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